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Thursday, August 16, 2012

When they were so young..

Her are a few pictures from when my kittens were young.

They used to be the same size!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This is how my dad feels

Cat V.S Human

Some Cool Stuff for My Future House



My cats don't curl up in little balls like most cats.They sprawl out on the floor. Ether on their bellies or on their backs. They sleep in many strange ways, really. They sleep hanging of of tables and chairs. They fall asleep right next to the door during packing. Clementine has her favorite place and way to sleep, on top of a high up box, sprawled out belly-up with her feet hanging off.

The only time that Clementine sleeps curled up is when she sleeps right on my butt. Because if I lay on my back, she'll sleep on my head.

Kyo also has a favorite way and place to sleep. He plops himself down on a hardwood floor and sits like a  Sphinx. Even his facial expression screams Sphinx. It says: "That's right, I'm the boss," Oh, Kyo.

The Egyptians must have had a cat a lot like him.