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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Here is a picture that I drew of someone walking through the forest. 


                              Here is the picture I based it off of.

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Own Geocache

      Looking for something new to do with the family? Want to spend more time outdoors? Why not try geocaching! Geocaching is best described as a modern day version of treasure hunting. People all over the world hide caches of treasure, all you have to do is find it! You'll just need a couple of things to get started. First, you'll need a GPS device. This can be something as simple as a smart phone with a GPS app or you may choose to invest in an outdoor device designed specifically for geocaching.

 Use a site like  to help you find a listing of geocaches near you. Each geocache will have a set of coordinates (latitude and longitude) to help you find its location. Once you have your coordinates and a general idea of the location on a map (which is likely to be in a park or along a trail), grab your GPS and walk that area until you find the right spot. Once there, look around, the geocache will likely be cleverly hidden, like under a tree root or covered by leaves.


      Now you've found it! It's likely a small waterproof box.You open it and what do you find? Treasure: Bouncy balls, stickers, coins, bottle caps, rubber bugs, and plastic jewelry! You may take a trinket from the container but you'll have to bring something to trade. After all, if you only took, eventually there would be nothing left to take. Replace the item you've taken with something you don't need like a kids meal toy or that plastic lizard you got as a party favor but never really liked. Hey, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Don't leave food thought because you don't want to attract animals! Make sure what you bring to trade is small because it has to fit in the container. There will also be a log book in the container. Be sure to sign your name and the date that you found the cache, maybe even include a little note for the cache's owner. When you're done, you need to hide the cache back where you found it for other treasure hunters to find.  

Feeling sad that the hunt is over? Don't worry, there are plenty more out there to find. Before you know it, you'll be searching caches out on road trips and on every family hike. You'll be surprised at the number of places you've passed before where caches are hidden. You may even decide to hide your own treasure – just like me! I just hid a geocache in my neighborhood.
     I took an old protein power container and painted it camouflage so that it would be a bit harder to find.

     Then, I went to the dollar store and bought some... treasure. I also got a notebook for people to record their name and the date in.


     I then filled my cache with the notebook and all of my toys and trinkets. I also slipped in a paper explaining what a geocache was, just in case someone came across it by accident and didn't know what a strange camouflage  protein power container full of toys was doing in the middle of the woods.  

    This geocache has been inspected by: Inspector number twelve 

     Finally, I hid my cache. I took it to a top secret location , along with my GPS, and hid it behind... Well, I can't tell you that. I copied the coordinates of the place were I hid it down on some paper and put it into the geocache website as an official geocache.      


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Photos

Here are a few pictures I've taken and edited. I hope you like them.

There are more pictures on the way! I'll have them just as soon As I find my camara cord!