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Thursday, June 21, 2012


       For dessert tonight, we will have cheesecake and blueberry sauce. Our family got up early this morning and picked three buckets of blueberries. Some for the sauce, some for jam, some for pancakes and muffins, the rest to freeze for smoothies. It's fun to pick your own and see all the different shades of blueberry. The blueberries we picked are huge! I think I ate more than I picked and my brother and sister did the same. We weren't the only ones enjoying the berries, the birds were everywhere, and five minutes after my sister started picking, a bird pooped smack-dab in the middle of her bucket! Don't worry, she got a new one.
        When we got home, the kittens wasted no time inspecting the fruit. They sniffed the blueberries all over and licked a few. In the end, the blueberries were determined to be OK. We are so lucky the have cats that keep us safe from things like moths and blueberries.

      We haven't made the sauce yet but we have made the cheesecake. It's the cheesecake I want for my birthday. For now, it is to share with our friends that will be here for dinner tonight.

A kiss from Clementine

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Amazing Dancing Kyo


Tomorrow, we have friends from out of town coming. They're bringing their cat. Her name is Purba, I'm not completely sure how the kittens will take having a bunch of loud little kids and a strange cat in their house. I have a few guesses of what they'll do.
  1. Hide under my bed the whole time
  2. Hide under my parent's bed the whole time
  3. Hide under my brother's bed the whole time
Or, they may hiss and growl at Purba until they pass out. I told my kittens to to be nice since Purba will have had a hard time during the car trip here but, I don't think they were listening. I just hope they don't get too upset and pee on my just vacuumed carpet.

Some More Cute Things the Kittens Do

The View of a Cat

  I'm pretty sure this is how my cats see themselves.

Cat Scan

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Oh, how I despise Wordly Wise
its full of games and tricks and lies
I hate this cursed paper
watch out workbook maker
vocabulary will never stop me

It’s never right, I think I might start a fight, soon you all will see sudden light Starting today, I’ll make them pay, hora, hooray, Wordly wise will go away
I’ll rip the paper, tear the spine
soon the books will all be mine and with the match that I will light, all the workbooks will ignite, as tears swell up in happy eyes, over all the happy cries, I’ll light the match that signifies,
getting through these tragic times.

This is a poem I wrote about my workbook.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

A while back, someone left a vacuum cleaner attachment in the couch and for some reason, my cats loved it.

My Kittens

This is a short video of my kittens. The Bigger one is Kyo and the smaller one is Clementine.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Welcome You

Fellow Citizens of the Internet,
This is my first post. I write to tell you that no matter how tempting it may be, you must not spend to long on this blog. I understand that it is very hard to resist the funny and well-written stories that lie inside of each post. They are amazing, but I, as an honest citizen, care about your health and will not permit you to stare at my blog's glory... I mean, at the computer screen for too long.